This is Part 3 in the series of Kodachromes by Mr. Raymond V. "Dick" Cull of Concord, Massachsuetts.
Dick visited several well known historical areas in the mid-Atlantic region on his vacations. The Civil War battlefields of Pennsylvania and Virginia were of great interest to him, and he dropped in on the seat of government in Washington, DC once or twice also. I never had much interest in visiting DC as a tourist, but in the relatively short time that I have had these slides, so much has changed in regards to security and accessability that I thought perhaps they deserved more consideration. I hope you feel the same, as it may well be that some of these views are impossible today.

The comments I'm providing are informal. I haven't visited these places, and if anyone else would like to add comments or corrections, please do so below.

This White House shot was taken in May, 1967. I don't think you can get this close anymore.

There was a Texan living here then also.

Pardon my ignorance, but this May 1967 shot below is the back of the same house, right?

This August 1962 shot below has me thinking Lincoln Memorial

Just checked the back of a penny. Yup, Lincoln memorial.

If Dick made an about face at his location above, do you suppose this scene below, also from August 1962, is what he saw?

What do you think your chances are of being able to operate a radio-controlled device in the reflecting pool today?

Capital building, dead ahead in August 1962. Building on the right
sure needed a good cleaning, anyone know what it is? Treasury Dept. maybe?

Show us your rockets!

Thinking this is the Smithsonian Institution above, yes? Either that or Jay Leno stopped by with part of his car collection. August 1962.

Don't know the location, but it's my nickel and it tells me this is Monticello in May of 1967. Movin' on up, Jefferson.

OK, this can't be a Howard Johnsons because in 1962 they all had orange roofs.

My bet is Mount Vernon.

Touring the area on a good night's sleep is assured when you stay at the
Air Conditioned Princess Anne Motor Lodge.

This photo above was taken in August 1962. Looking at it today is like a trip
in a time machine. I think Wally and the Beaver must have stayed here while on vacation.