Amsterdam, New York

April 21, 2006

Minolta XE-7 w-50mm MC f1.4 on Fujichrome Astia 100F

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0848 hrs; Q118, at 60 
MPH 0950 hrs; Westound passes limit sign for Lock #11 1035 hrs; Amtrak #63 the Maple Leaf with battered #703 in charge 1105 hrs; Amtrak #280 east with 2 dissimilar GEs

1110 hrs; Westbound double-stacker 1120 hrs; empty ADM ethanol train 
westbound 1150 hrs; I underexposed this shot of coal train V806 
eastbound 1248 hrs; Q169 at Amsterdam boat launch road. Track 

1257 hrs; Q150 at boat launch road 1315 hrs; Q111 westbound at boat launch 
road 1320 hrs; Eastbound on track #1 1330 hrs; Eastbound came in on long siding

1347 hrs; Q381 on track #2 1345 hrs; Amtrak #48 Lake Shore Ltd 1345 hrs; Lake Shore Ltd passes small yard east of Amsterdam 1357 hrs: Eastbound on track #1

Amtrak Train #286 with battered power Ancient Delta Boeing B-737-200 at ALB Northwest Airbus with reversers deployed at