Hike to Paul's Ledge, Westminster, Vermont, 26 July 2010


On Monday, 26 July 2010, a friend and I hiked to Paul's Ledge in Westminster, Vermont. Our original plans were to hike to Windmill Hill, located in the same town, but the road to the trailhead for that destination was very rough and blocked by fallen trees. The road to the trailhead for Paul's Ledge was also very rough and rocky, and as we slowly drove along we passed by numerous abandoned sites of the back-to-the-land movement. Most of these unfinished hovels looked like they were not occupied very long, perhaps victims of Vermont's cold and snowy winters. Here are a few photos from the first roll of film from that hike.

After a non-strenuous hike, we arrived at Paul's Ledge and were immediately struck by the view from the hill.

Ridgeline development is strongly-resisted in Vermont. The reward for this effort is a view such as this one, seen across what the Delorme's Atlas people have labelled Hedgehog Gulf.

This view to the south shows some of the hardy grasses that were growing on this windy ridge

YUM! Blackberries in abundance here.

Here is a panoramic view from Paul's Ledge, brought to us through the magic of Photoshop