The full moon of May 5, 2012

(also called a "Supermoon")

Photographed at East Hill, Andover, Vermont


Tom Hildreth





Within a minute or two
of the appointed time the moon
could be seen rising above
some distant clouds near the horizon

Taken on Kodak Gold 400 film
through a 500mm mirror lens













Nearly clear of the clouds, the moon continues to rise above the Vermont landscape




As the moon lifts higher, the hills stand out on
Kodak Gold 200 film through a 300mm Rokkor lens






























The horses graze on the hillside, unaware of the astronomical significance of the evening






The full moon of May 5, 2012 took place at a time when the moon was close to the earth in its orbit. Though not a rare occurrence, ABC news that evening made a big deal of it. I suppose I owe them a word of thanks as I would not otherwise have taken these pictures. I truly owe my lovely wife a thank you, as she kindly reminded me to include the horses in a shot, perhaps the best one of the evening.

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